We greatly appreciate the sponsors that support this event. Our sponsors share the mission of creating safe and secure environments for our students, staff, faculty and facilities. We encourage you to visit their profile pages to learn more about how they can partner with your school or campus. When visiting their profiles, be sure to enter to win one of many raffle prizes! Learn More > >


NAPCO offers a full range of security & access control solutions for any educational door, building or campus including locking, door access, alarms & integrated access security & video. Free SAVI self-diagnostic checklist to find your security’s vulnerabilities and quantify best next-steps to take or for a free SAVI Security Analysis,


Our mission is develop the most innovative technological solutions to keep our communities safe. Forget everything you know about security, because we’ve reinvented it. For more information, please visit

Transact enables a connected experience across the spectrum of student life. We partner with institutions to deliver a mobile-centric, personalized student and family experience both on and off-campus. For more information, visit


Everbridge (Nasdaq: EVBG) is the global leader for integrated critical event management solutions. Through its expertise in managing the complexity and unpredictability of critical events, Everbridge ensures educational, business, government and healthcare organizations are prepared to rapidly respond to – and even avoid – sudden, unexpected disruptions. For more information, visit

Aware powered by GlobalFlyte gives you revolutionary capabilities to enhance your incident management and response. Aware was built by first responders for first responders to support your mission of saving lives, minimizing property loss and protecting first responders.

Aware by GlobalFlyte is:

  • Cost-Effective
  • Easy to Deploy
  • Mobile
  • Scalable
  • User-Friendly
  • CAD System Neutral
  • Secure

Aware is a suite of technologies that, when combined, build a robust common operating picture for any type of incident response and for special events. For more information, please visit

Healthy Roster rapidly deploys its “SAFER Campus” screening and alerts platform to empower higher education leaders with instant tools and reports to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Built in 2015 on Amazon’s healthcare cloud, the platform is secure and HIPAA-compliant, handling millions of encounters for top US colleges and hospitals. For more information, visit

An industry pioneer since 1996, IPVideo Corporation is at the forefront of developing unique, innovative solutions that harness the power of IP video technology. IPVideo Corporation leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning through Internet of Things (IOT) products and professional services. Our systems are trusted globally to mitigate risk while protecting people and properties. Our worldwide client base is served by a network of certified distributors, manufacturer’s representatives and hundreds of dealers and system integrators. For more information, visit

At Motorola Solutions, we have created the mission-critical ecosystem you need to build a safer school environment. Combining voice, video, software and services, our ecosystem helps you not only respond and manage both the everyday and the critical emergencies, but to recognize patterns, anticipate actions and help prevent situations as they develop. The breadth of solutions bridges the key areas of risk which often thrive in the unknown and the unseen. They provide schools with the capabilities to detect, analyze, communicate and respond to potential incidents. Through the power of the ecosystem, schools are better equipped to prevent security threats from becoming tragedies. By enabling modern incident management, they ensure that students are safer and personnel can focus on the job at hand. For more information, visit

Parsons (NYSE: PSN) is a leading technology firm driving the future of defense, intelligence, and critical infrastructure. As experts in combining unique technologies to create innovative solutions, we have developed an integrated, touchless suite of solutions called DetectWise™ that will accelerate the transition to a new normal. For more about Parsons, visit us at and follow our quest to deliver a better world on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


A3 Communications, a division of The Cook & Boardman Group, is one of America’s fastest growing systems integrators. A3 provides a broad range of IT and physical security solutions for public and private sectors, including: IP video surveillance; access control; enterprise networking; structured cabling; electrical services; unified communications; managed IT services; virtualization; storage and audio/visual solutions. Their highly certified and experienced staff offers comprehensive support and maintenance available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. For more information on A3 Communications, visit

For over 60 years, Aiphone has solidified its position as one of the world’s leading providers of communication and intercom systems. The Aiphone brand has become synonymous with innovation and outstanding quality which has placed the company and its products at the forefront of the security and communication market. Aiphone remains committed to providing unmatched customer service by offering customized solutions tailored to support any intercom application. For more information, visit

ATS is a leader in traffic safety and data analytics. We help K12/Higher Education share notifications and alerts, increase emergency preparedness and calm traffic with portable message signs, radar speed displays, remote management software, and ready-made reports — while helping to maximize resources and budget. For more information, please visit

For over 40 years, American Time has helped organizations worldwide improve their effectiveness, communication, and safety by providing advanced synchronized time solutions and emergency communication technology. Our powerful EverAlert® emergency communication platform delivers safety alerts and notifications, daily messaging and synchronized time across a building or campus. To learn more about EverAlert visit:

American Time provides synchronized time products and solutions to K-12 Education, Colleges and Universities, Healthcare, Government, Corporate and Manufacturing customers. We offer industry-leading products including, Wi-Fi, Power over Ethernet (PoE), wireless and wired clock system technologies, replacement clocks and parts, repair services and protective guards. Visit to learn more.

The goal of the Conference on Crimes Against Women is to provide practical instruction, using current information, the newest ideas and most successful intervention strategies, to those professionals responsible for combating the many and varied forms of crimes against women. The Conference is conducted for the sole purpose of providing training to only those people employed by governmental or non-profit agencies in the fields of law enforcement, prosecution, social work, victim’s advocacy, therapy, probation/parole, campus safety and medicine who work directly with victims of crime. For more information, please visit

The Eagle Eye Cloud VMS provides 100% cloud management including mobile and web browser viewing. Traditional camera systems have been costly and challenging for users to manage. Eagle Eye Networks customers get the advantages of cloud management and storage including; lower total cost of ownership, on-demand deployment, and centralized management. For more information, please visit

As education institutions continue to tackle campus safety issues, many are turning to FirstNet – the only nationwide, high-speed, broadband network designed specifically for public safety. With FirstNet, first responders and school safety officials receive priority access to the network and the ability to preempt commercial users. Using FirstNet, first responders and school safety officials can use push- to-talk and other applications to communicate and share virtually real-time data — including pictures, videos and text — improving situational awareness, decision-making and response time.

With FirstNet’s integrated dispatch capabilities, personnel from other critical agencies can automatically join the appropriate communications subgroup and coordinate their response — either one-to-one or one-to-many. Another important component of FirstNet is its capabilities for transportation fleets. School districts across the country are adopting FirstNet to create a reliable channel for emergency communications aboard school buses, as well as a smart ecosystem for day-to-day operations.

Since 1987, KeyTrak electronic key and asset management systems have helped businesses worldwide enhance the security of their operations while improving efficiency and reducing costs. Our systems provide a safe, organized way to secure and track keys and assets, helping campuses protect students, staff, and property. To ensure we’re able to meet customer needs, we perform all our research and development, programming, manufacturing, and support in-house at our headquarters in College Station, Texas. For more information, please visit

Meerkat Technologies provides wholistic safety solutions that utilize an innovative combination of software, hardware, and integration into your existing systems, to ensure your organization has clear visibility of all people, areas, and assets in real-time. Developed in collaboration with security and education experts for proactive monitoring in today’s ever-changing world. For more information, please visit

For over 40 years, Telecor has been a worldwide leader in communications featuring solutions in intercom, paging, time keeping and mass notification. With thousands of systems installed across the United States, Telecor has the products and experience to provide a variety of traditional, IP, and true Ethernet end point solutions to individual schools and entire school districts for day-to-day and emergency communications. Telecor’s latest eSeries System is a next generation, full-featured, non-blocking communication system based on Ethernet technology and continuing a long tradition of innovation. For more information, visit

” This is my 3rd CSC. I can always count on the vendors that I need to talk to and like how they are a close second away so I can talk to them face-to-face. “

  — Jeff Martin, Campus Security Coordinator, Broken Arrow Public Schools