As education institutions continue to tackle campus safety issues, many are turning to FirstNet – the only nationwide, high-speed, broadband network designed specifically for public safety. With FirstNet, first responders and school safety officials receive priority access to the network and the ability to preempt commercial users. Using FirstNet, first responders and school safety officials can use push- to-talk and other applications to communicate and share virtually real-time data — including pictures, videos and text — improving situational awareness, decision-making and response time.

With FirstNet’s integrated dispatch capabilities, personnel from other critical agencies can automatically join the appropriate communications subgroup and coordinate their response — either one-to-one or one-to-many. Another important component of FirstNet is its capabilities for transportation fleets. School districts across the country are adopting FirstNet to create a reliable channel for emergency communications aboard school buses, as well as a smart ecosystem for day-to-day operations. For more information, visit

A Case for Student Safety

Teaming Up For Student Safety

“I’ve been to many conferences in my 35 years in campus law enforcement. CSC has consistently offered and delivered quality and relevant content and outstanding presenters. “

  — Dr. Amanda Guthorn, AVP Public Safety, La Salle University