Tuesday, July 7, 2020

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11:30 AM EDT

Perry Township Schools Case Study: An Educator’s Perspective on Integrated Solutions to Help Prevent Incidents

Chris Sampson, Associate Superintendent, Perry Township Schools

In this session, Perry Township Schools Associate Superintendent Chris Sampson will share the challenges his district experienced with multiple facets of student/school safety and discuss the specific solutions implemented. Challenges included: keeping the community connected, how to better collaborate within the school, enhancing coordination across the school community for routine events and emergency situations, how to keep the parent community informed and notified, access control, and more. Chris will discuss real life examples and incidents that have occurred within the district and how the schools now use new capabilities to address these challenges, including how real-time video feeds and alarms have increased overall situational awareness.

1:30 PM EDT

Fatal Friday Night Lights: A Case Study of Response and Recovery

Matthew Jones, Superintendent of Schools, Jeannette City School District

Shelley Muto, Director of Pupil Services, Jeannette City School District

On Friday, September 6, 2019, in the waning moments of the extremely popular Friday night Jeannette High School Jayhawk football game, a fatal shooting took place at the stadium. Both the suspect and victim were well-known parents and citizens in the city, and the incident sent shockwaves throughout the small urban community. The Jeannette City School District’s response to the incident established an immediate tone for recovery, and although the district had never trained for an event involving the population and location, the transferable skills from other trainings and protocols allowed district personnel to deal with an open air, after school, large scale security incident involving the student body, visiting students and game patrons. This session will provide an overview of the violent incident, administration and emergency services immediate response, the school district timeline of actions during the initial 72 hours, and the plan for after care and support services in the following days and weeks. Presenters will share lessons learned, including revisions to the emergency operations plan, training protocols, support services for students, staff and families, and the unique circumstances of being tasked with response while in the presence of family.

3:30 pm EDT

Understanding Threats and Cyberbullying: Solutions to Keep Student Safe

Clayton Cranford, Owner, Total Safety Solutions LLC

 Clay Cranford will explain the current technology and applications teens are using to access the Internet and social media. Secondly, cyberbullying and other online threats will be defined with current trends and real-world examples that Clay has investigated in schools. Attendees will be given tools and an action plan that they can immediately begin using to help keep their children and students safe online at home and at school.

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Wednesday’s sessions sponsored by:

10:30 AM EDT

Balancing Safety and Security in Learning Environments: How One Campus Unified Their Systems

Jason Friedberg, Business Development Manager, Genetec

Teaching, research and learning happen best when everyone feels safe. Safety and security is a constant concern and is a contributing factor when parents and prospective students decide where they attend school. The security landscape is changing and ensuring that the right security systems are brought in to create a safer learning environment is essential to the well-being of all parties involved.
While security might not necessarily be top-of-mind for students, safety and security are indeed an important aspect of their school experience. Districts are faced with the task of ensuring that their campuses are safe at all times. At the same time, they want students, staff, and visitors to feel welcome and free to move from the classroom and the library to sporting events.

During this session, the speaker will discuss how they unified their systems to create the right balance between accessibility and security.

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