West Workshops

Wednesday, August 1, 2018 | 9:30am - 12:30pm

On Day 2 of the conference, you will be able to chose from the three concurrent workshops listed below. Please note, workshops are included in your registration fee.

Paul Timm, PSP
Vice President
Facility Engineering Associates, P.C.

Workshop A 

Role Playing Emergency Tabletop Exercises: Community Violence Incident and Severe Weather Incident

Emergency preparedness is a vital part of providing a safe learning environment. Come and participate in two new fast-moving, train-the-trainer emergency tabletop exercises. The first scenario will involve a community violence incident that spills over onto school property. The second will address a severe weather incident on campus.

Participants will be placed in teams and assigned specific roles (e.g. administrator, staff member). Our facilitator will lead your team through a timed and instructive exercise. As the incidents unfold, scenario updates will be given, questions will be presented, and tools and resources will be provided. Don’t miss this opportunity to benefit from real learning that you can bring back to your school/campus.

Attendees Will:
  1. Play a role in a tabletop exercise that they can bring back to their own campus.
  2. Understand how to effectively engage key stakeholders, including administrators, in a collaborative environment that promotes the exchange of different ideas and emergency plan improvement.
  3. Learn how to test and revise existing emergency procedures in a collaborative, real-life setting.

Abigail Boyer
Associate Executive Director of Programs
Clery Center

Workshop B

Separate and Distinct: Understanding Timely Warnings and Emergency Notifications

As we work with colleges and universities nationwide, the Clery Center often finds that institutions confuse Clery Act timely warning and emergency notification and evacuation policy requirements.

This session will explore the distinctions between Clery Act timely warnings and emergency notifications as well as teach strategies to develop policies and procedures for each type of alert. This session will provide strategies for navigating campus opinions on the intended purposes of each type of alert while answering frequently asked questions about implementing policy into practice.

The goals of this Clery Center Workshop are:
  • To define the distinctions between timely warnings and emergency notifications under the Clery Act.
  • To analyze common gaps in institutional policies that often conflate each type of alert.
  • To provide strategies for navigating campus opinions on the intentions of each alert and how to best communicate their function with the campus community.
  • To Answer frequently asked questions about developing policy and implementing such policies.   
Attendees Will:
  1. Learn how to analyze your institution’s policy/annual security report for compliance
  2. Know which “Buzz words” to use or avoid
  3. Understand how to explain your process, not just say what you do
  4. Gain knowledge on navigating campus opinions on your process
  5. Develop list of FAQs regarding putting policy into practice

The Conference was very informative and had practical roundtable sessions. I recommend this conference to any Head of Security. Its a great way to network with fellow professionals.