Hot Topic Meetups: Engage in informal roundtable discussions and share best practices with those who are passionate about safety. Limited to 25 attendees per session. One every 30 minutes on July 21st from 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM.

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Hot-Topic 1: What’s Next: Trends in Campus Security, Public Safety and Emergency Management

Whenever there is a new trend, you can bet that it will first emerge in schools and universities, and Campus Safety magazine is usually the first trade publication to cover it.

In this roundtable discussion, Robin will provide an overview of the many crime, social, drug, law enforcement, emergency management and technology trends CS has been uncovering over the past couple of years. Those developments include mental health and suicide, pandemic response, vaping and opioids, domestic terrorism and hate crimes, #MeToo, controversial speakers on campus, cybersecurity issues, video surveillance, lockdown, guns on campus, active assailant response, homelessness, litigation and fines, public safety department staffing, access control and more.

Additionally, attendees will have the opportunity to discuss with Robin the emerging trends they are seeing on their campuses and the solutions they are considering or implementing.


Hosted by: Robin Hattersley, Editor-in-Chief, Campus Safety magazine

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Hot-Topic 2: Utilizing Therapy Dogs on Campus: Improving Community Relations

Schools and universities are utilizing therapy dogs (Comfort Dogs) for students, faculty and staff. Therapy dogs provide comfort for pre-exam anxiety, during campus events and for staff feeling pressures on special projects and during stressful meetings. Additionally, these dogs are used to connect the community with the police.

Archie the UIPD therapy dog goes to town hall meetings and many other events. The UIPD comfort dogs are used with the PAL (Police Athletic League) kids. The dogs assist when interviewing victims or witnesses to help with easing the discomfort of reliving the trauma. Also, within the police department the dogs are used for stress management for officers, dispatchers and security officers.

Both UIPD dogs came from the Paws and Stripes College run by the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office in Florida. They take rescue dogs and they are trained in obedience with the inmates for 8 weeks. They then donate the dogs to both municipal and campus law enforcement all over the country.

Hosted by: Alice Cary, Executive Director of Public Safety & Chief of Police, University of Illinois Police Department

Hot-Topic 3: Innovations for a New Campus Safety Paradigm: Creating Safer Learning Environments

In the past year, campus communities have had a wide range of experiences, but all the same lesson: without an environment where students and faculty stay safe, there is no normal. Safety has become the lynchpin of the core mission of learning and the financial health of the institution. We now operate in a paradigm where the function and very existence of your institution begins with demonstrating your commitment to the health and well-being of your students and faculty.

Keeping a campus safe comes down to two steps: first, formulate the best possible plans for incidents that may arise, and second, execute that plan as soundly as possible when those incidents occur. We all know it is not as simple as it sounds, and technological innovation can help you achieve these steps at scale. Attend this session to discover how recent changes to the technological landscape are providing new options to improve campus safety, and how promoting your use of these technologies can help your institution in a competitive admissions environment.

Agility. Decisiveness. Visibility. Efficiency. Speed. Welcome to the new paradigm of campus safety.

Hosted by: Brian Toolan, Senior Director, Public Sector industry Solutions, Everbridge

Hot-Topic 4: Staff Training: Recognizing Students in Crisis

This discussion will cover the observation and analyzing of students who come to school every day and who may be exhibiting indicators that they are approaching crisis or are in one. Bobby will discuss indicators such as appearance, emotional, and academic evidence that can allow staff members to become aware of a student in crisis. He will also address methods to find out about home life, hobbies, parental interaction and social acceptance with peers at school.

Hosted by: Bobby Brasher, Director of Security, The Brook Hill School

Hot-Topic 5: Increase Grant Funding: Creating Focus Groups to Gather Community Input

Grant funds are often an underutilized resource by our schools for security. K-12 schools were issued $50 million just from the School Violence Prevention Program alone. Please join Kevin as he leads this interactive session to help you navigate through the process of gathering important community input to drive your security funding narrative through focus group sessions.

Hosted by: Kevin Wren, School Safety Advocate, A3 Communications

” CSC is the conference to attend. If you are not there, you are missing out! “

  — Scott Leven, Director of Safety and Security, Ozarks Technical Community College