Joseph A. Hendry Jr., PSP®, CLEESenior Director On-Site Services Navigate360

Joe Hendry brings a strong background in safety and a critical range of perspectives to his work at Navigate360. Joe was named by the Ohio Department of Homeland Security and Ohio Attorney General’s Office as an expert in civilian and law enforcement response to active threats. He is an ASIS member with PSP® certification. He served six years in the United States Marine Corps and 27 years with the Kent State Police Department. Joe is also a Best Recommended Expert Service Provider for the Insurance Industry.

Actively involved across the industry, Joe is currently a Principal appointed to the Cross Functional Emergency Preparedness and Response (ACT-AAA) Committee for NFPA 3000 to write the national standard for civilian, law enforcement, fire service and emergency medical service. He is was issued the classification of Special Expert by NFPA.

The Evolution of Active Threat Response

11/4/2021 1:30 – 2:30 PM

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