Steven VroomanProfessor of Communication Texas Lutheran University

Steven Vrooman, PhD, is professor of communication and department chair at Texas Lutheran University. He teaches and writes on leadership, social media, rhetoric, public relations and participatory popular culture. He has spoken at TEDxSanAntonio, INBOUND, IAEE, TSAE, CalSAE, TxLA, NACAS, and many other conferences and meetings. He has also spoken and led workshops at universities, nonprofits and corporations.

Steve has presented on campus safety and strategic communication at ACCED-I and is the author of two chapters in the latest edition of “Violence Goes to College: The Authoritative Guide to Prevention, Intervention, and Response”, “Social Media and Campus Violence” and “Between Charlottesville and Forsyth: Speakers, Protest and University Campuses.” He is the author of the “Zombie Guide to Public Speaking”.


Workshop D: Campus Events, Controversial Speakers, and Protests: Creating Policies for Maintaining Safety, Security, and University Support on Campus

7/28/2020 9:30 AM – 12:30 PM


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