Marla BergeronSchool Safety Specialist NGS

Marla Bergeron is a building perimeter hardening and glazing security expert with NGS. Her experience as a professional in the Architecture and Interior design industry, having past top security level clearance, and representation of high-security level customers, coupled with her certification from the International Window Film Association specific to safety and security window films, along with her ongoing education in Building information modeling and construction technologies, provide our customers with detailed and consultative based solutions. As a glazing security specialist at NGS, Marla serves as a strategic consultant across the mid-Atlantic, the Carolinas, and West Virginia.

Marla is from Rockville, Maryland, and obtained her Bachelor of Science in Interior Design from Louisiana State University. Marla’s perspective on safety and security is both insightful and creative.

Defend Your Glass: How to Protect Your Building’s Weakest Points from Forced Entry, Bomb Blasts, Windstorms, and Seismic Events

6/21/2022 10:30 – 11:30 AM