John WeinsteinCommander, Strategic Planning and Outreach Northern Virginia Community College Police Department

Lt. John Weinstein, PhD, is the Commander of Strategic Planning and Outreach at one of the largest academic institutions in the United States. Prior to becoming a college police officer, he served as a deputy sheriff, patrol officer, town sergeant, and chief of police. Weinstein has extensive teaching, program assessment and training experience in all aspects of planning and security operations, including firearms, active incident response tactics, planning, and communications. He is certified as an active incident response instructor, a Verbal Judo trainer, and a Crisis Intervention Team trainer. He lectures frequently on conflict avoidance and de-escalation. He speaks frequently at academic institutions, local police academies and at both national and international conferences. Weinstein holds a doctorate in International Politics and is a nationally recognized expert in nuclear weapons command and control. He is widely published on many law enforcement and defense topics. His articles have appeared in Campus Safety magazine and in The Police Chief, the International Association of Chiefs of Police monthly publication. In his spare time, Weinstein is an avid cross-country motorcyclist and amateur radio operator.

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