Campus Safety Conference
Registration Qualifications

Campus Safety Conference provides a platform for safety & security leaders within the education space as well as solutions providers to learn and network with one another.

When registering you may have questions as to whether you qualify for an attendee pass or a solution provider pass, we’ve established an easy rule of thumb to follow to help decipher whether you qualify as an attendee or a solution provider/vendor:

If you are sitting next to other attendees and you are looking to sell them your service or solution — then the odds are you are a Solution Provider.

If you’re sitting next to other attendees and you are interested in networking with like minded peers to discuss best practices – then we’d bet you are a safety & security professional and qualify for either a Full Conference Attendee pass or Day Pass.

If after reviewing the above criteria you are uncertain where you qualify — please contact us at the following email with your website URL and job title: [email protected].

Please note: All registrations are subject to approval. We reserve the right to rescind any registration at our discretion and at any time. The criteria set forth above is the minimum to qualify. We will notify all non-qualifying registrations to discuss further action to provide the correct pass.