Returning to Campus During a Pandemic

Stephen Lopez, Chief, New Mexico State University (NMSU)

This will be an open discussion led by Chief Stephen Lopez (New Mexico State University) that examines a variety of issues related to returning to campus in the midst of a pandemic.

The NMSU Las Cruces campus is one of the few universities that maintained students in campus housing during the Spring 2020 semester, and has returned students to campus during the Fall 2020 semester (utilizing a hybrid approach).

The discussion will include:

  • What does “returning to campus” mean?
  • Who is in charge, and of what?
  • Considerations for campus housing
  • Impact of campus and community culture
  • Monitoring trends and data
  • Key stakeholders and efforts
  • Can a “whole community” approach help?
  • Classes, events, gatherings

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9/21 at 5:00 PM ET

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9/23 at 1:00 PM ET

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9/25 at 2:00 PM ET

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About the Speaker

Stephen Lopez

Chief, New Mexico State University (NMSU)

Stephen Lopez is currently the Chief of Police for the New Mexico State University system. Lopez has been in campus law enforcement for over 30 years. He was adjunct faculty for 14 years teaching courses in criminal investigations and public health, and holds numerous law enforcement instructor certifications.

He has bachelor degrees in criminal justice and psychology, and a masters in strategic planning for critical infrastructures. He has taught at regional and national conferences, including the Campus Safety Conferences. He also conducts workshops in areas including integrating training in use of force, active shooter response, and select fire weapons for patrol. He is a regular facilitator and evaluator in tabletop, functional, and full scale exercises.

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“I’ve been to many conferences in my 35 years in campus law enforcement. CSC has consistently offered and delivered quality and relevant content and outstanding presenters. “

  — Dr. Amanda Guthorn, AVP Public Safety, La Salle University