Recovery and Reunification: Ensuring Care and Safety Post-Incident

Hank Morten, Director Safety, Security & Emergency Preparedness, TRiGroup Inc

This GroupProject will provide an overview of the reunification process, from pre-incident planning stages to post-incident consequence management. Together, we will discuss how to control chaos in an anxiety filled situation, with proven methods that require planning and realistic training.

This process ensures that everyone involved receives immediate care, counseling and follow-up information for long term mental health and support services. All students are safely and efficiently reunited with their guardians to ensure full accountability, thus dramatically reducing liability to the school district. The reunification process gives the school district and law enforcement the ability to safely control large or small numbers of students, guardians and media at a secure site.

The program Hank is sharing is based on over twenty-three years of experience managing critical incidents and training exercises within the San Francisco Sheriff’s Dept., Alameda Police Dept., and others. It has had a direct impact in overall safety, security, preparedness and consequence management.

The session is designed for all levels, is will include interactive exercises. This session will allow people to build upon each other’s expertise and strengthen relationships among team members.

Bring your questions, express your concerns, share your experience, and take time to connect with your peers during these small, one-hour GroupProject sessions!

Available Session Dates/Times:

*NOTE: Up to 25-30 people per session only.

9/28 at 4:00 PM ET

9/29 at 2:00 PM ET

9/30 at 1:00 PM ET

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About the Speaker

Hank Morten, Director, Safety, Security & Emergency Preparedness

From 1996 to 2001, Hank Morten was with the San Francisco Sheriff’s Dept., and promoted to Sr. Deputy Sheriff. While at the SF Sheriff’s Dept, he was also the Emergency Services Unit Coordinator (ESU), supervisor and trainer within the Special Operations Division. From 2001-2020, he was employed with the Alameda Police Dept. as a School Resource Officer, Robbery & Homicide Detective, Field Training Officer, Hostage Negotiator Team Leader, Crisis Intervention Techniques Certified (CIT), Peer Support Team member, Safe Schools Coordinator (15 years), Reunification Expert and Active Threat ~ Emergency Preparedness Trainer (21 years, both SFSD and APD).

Hank is a twenty-four year veteran law enforcement professional who specialized in school and workplace safety utilizing the industry best practices in threat and site assessments, implementation of Multi Hazard Emergency Operation Plans (EOP) and Comprehensive School Safety Plans (CSSP), with an extensive background in emergency preparedness.

Hank continues to specialize in school and workplace safety, as the Director of Safety, Security and Emergency Preparedness for TRiGroup, Inc. He also works with Share911, an emergency communication platform (mass notification) designed to connect schools and the workplace with real time actionable intelligence, a reunification platform and wellness screening.

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