Improving Situational Awareness Skills in Students, Staff, and Faculty

Bobby Brasher, Director of School Security, The Brook Hill School

Situational awareness has been described as a sixth sense, gut feeling or intuition. It is the state of awareness, perception, and cognitive reaction to an event in progress or one about to happen. 

This presentation will train staff in safety awareness, threat assessment, and behavioral analysis of the students they interact with daily. Participants will learn recommendations and techniques that can be applied both at school and within the community, based on the strategies and skills used by the United States Secret Service in their school threat assessment training. Student assessment methods derive from the FBI’s Behavior Analysis Unit and can assist teachers in identifying students at or near crisis level.

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Available Session Dates/Times:

*NOTE: Up to 25-30 people per session only.

2/22 at 1:00 PM ET


2/24 at 4:00 PM ET


2/26 at 11:00 AM ET


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About the Speaker

Bobby Brasher, Director of School Security, The Brook Hill School

The Brook Hill School, a private, Christian, college preparatory, international boarding school with both day and boarding students in Bullard, Texas. Bobby holds a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from Louisiana Tech University with emphasis in Criminology. He has a lengthy background in Education as well as Security and Law Enforcement.

Bobby graduated from the University of Louisiana – Monroe and received his P.O.S.T. certification. He served 6 years as a police officer and Sheriff’s Deputy. He consults on safety and security for schools and churches including independent/private schools in Latin America and Africa. Bobby has spent time in Israel observing Israeli strategies and tactics. He started a non-profit Christian defense and safety organization to assist churches and faith-based schools on how to protect, educate, and respond to various emergency situations.

“I’ve been to many conferences in my 35 years in campus law enforcement. CSC has consistently offered and delivered quality and relevant content and outstanding presenters. “

  — Dr. Amanda Guthorn, AVP Public Safety, La Salle University