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Wednesday, November 3rd Sessions and More

9:15 AM – 10:30 PM | EDspaces Keynote: Make the Impossible Possible — A Blueprint for Change
(YES you have access to EDspaces sessions with your conference pass)

10:30 AM – 5:00 PM | CSC and EDspaces Exhibit Hall Opens

11:00 AM – 5:00 PM | Attend Hot-Topics in the CS Pavilion: One every 30 minutes.

1:00 PM – 5:00 PM | Pre-Conferences: Add a Pre-Conference onto your registration!

Pre-Con A: Can You Hear Me Now? Why Your School P.A. System May Be the Most Important Component in a Successful Lockdown Plan

Pre-Con B: Cyber Threats and Protection — Is Your Campus Vulnerable?

5:00 PM – 7:00 PM | Networking Reception! Join us in the first-ever Campus Safety Pavilion at EDspaces! Enjoy a light snack and beverage while networking with your colleagues. Be sure to check out the latest products and solutions on display to improve the safety and security for your school or campus. Your Campus Safety Conference badge gets you on the exhibit hall floor for this “after hours” event.

Thursday, November 4th Sessions and More

8:00 AM – 10:00 AM | CSC KEYNOTE DAY 1: The Mass Shooting Contagion Dilemma
Katherine Schweit,
Owner and Author, Schweit Consulting LLC

10:00 AM – 5:30 PM | CSC Sessions/Hot-Topics/General Sessions & More! Check out the full schedule here.

10:30 AM – 5:00 PM | CSC and EDspaces Exhibit Hall Opens

5:00 PM – 7:00 PM | EDfest All-Industry Party: The EDfest All-Industry Party, always beloved by attendees, is sure to make a splash in a year that prizes human connections above all else. EDfest is the premier networking night of EDspaces and included in the Campus Safety Conference Pass. RSVP required.

Friday, November 5th Sessions and More

8:00 AM – 9:30 AM | CSC KEYNOTE DAY 2: Turning Agony into Action – A Father’s Journey to Make Schools Safer After the Parkland School Shooting | Max Schachter, Founder & CEO, Safe Schools for Alex

10:30 AM – 5:00 PM | CSC and EDspaces Exhibit Hall Opens

10:00 AM – 12:30 PM | CSC Workshops (Included With Your Conference Pass)

Workshop A: Stop the Bleed Training
John Weinstein, Commander, Strategic Planning and Outreach, Northern Virginia Community College Police Department

Workshop B: Developing Operational Capacity: Conducting Scenario-Based Training
Jessy Sears, Emergency Manager and Interim Security Director, Idaho State University
Guy Bliesner, School Security Analyst, Idaho Office of School Safety and Security

Workshop C: Improving Campus Safety and Security Initiatives through Planning and Collaboration
Amy Reddington, Conference Director, Campus Safety Conferences
Gary Sigrist, Jr., CEO and President, Safeguard Risk Solutions, LLC

Workshop D: Creating a Culture of Safety: Is It Time to Adopt a Clery Act Approach Across America’s K-12 Systems?
Jim Moore, Senior Advisor for Clery Act Compliance and Campus Safety Operations, US Department of Education
Jonathan Kassa, Cardinal Point Strategies
Max Schachter, Founder & CEO, Safe Schools for Alex

A deeper look into the must attend sessions on each day.

November 3rd | 9:15 AM

EDspaces Keynote: Make the Impossible Possible — A Blueprint for Change

William “Bill” Strickland, Founder/Executive Chairman, Manchester Bidwell Corporation

Bill Strickland has created a blueprint for building centers that help end the cycle of poverty and poor education. His legacy of ethical leadership embodies an unwavering passion for people, and the steadfast belief that if you provide the right environments and the right tools, they can—and will—perform miraculous deeds.

As the Founder and Executive Chairman of the Manchester Bidwell Corporation, Strickland inspires hope, generates jobs, and empowers citizens to become experts in any field, regardless of their circumstances. He has guided thousands of people toward employment, passion, craft, and dignity, even when it seemed like the odds were against him. 

After years of trying to raise the money for what would become Manchester Bidwell and its signature training center in Pittsburgh, Strickland changed tack. He persuaded one of Pittsburgh’s leading architects to design a new arts and training center—helming a leading-edge approach to architecture in education. Then, he hit the pavement, showing the city’s business leaders, charity foundations, and public authorities why it was in their interest to fund his plan.

November 4th | 8:00 AM

CSC OPENING KEYNOTE: The Mass Shooting Contagion Dilemma

Katherine Schweit, Owner and Author, Schweit Consulting LLC

Social media, news media, internet memes. Is the news and internet to blame for the rise in mass violence? Quantifying blame is a tricky business, particularly when it’s hard to quantify violence itself because of varying terms and changing data. Join this keynote discussion and gain a better understanding of how and when violence becomes a copy-cat event, and how we dissect the data. Learn ways to control messaging when targeted violence strikes in your community so you don’t become the next idolized shooting.

November 5th | 8:00 AM

CSC DAY 2 KEYNOTE: Turning Agony into Action – A Father’s Journey to Make Schools Safer After the Parkland School Shooting

Max Schachter, Founder & CEO, Safe Schools for Alex

Max Schachter is a national school safety advocate. His 14-year-old son, Alex, was one of the 17 innocent victims murdered in the Parkland school shooting on Valentine’s Day 2018. Since the heartbreaking day that changed Max’s life forever, he has been fighting for policy change at the highest levels of the United States government. 

Through Safe Schools For Alex, the 501(c)(3) organization he created to honor his son, he provides the most-current school safety leading practices to students, parents, school districts, and law enforcement so that all children can learn in a safe environment. Max’s unique style of presentation shows his pain, vulnerability, and unrelenting drive for accountability during the three years since his son’s murder. Max speaks not only from the perspective of a father of a victim of mass violence. He also is member of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Commission that was formed by the Governor or Florida to investigate the worst high school shooting in United States history.

Max will share his in-depth knowledge of the failures, lessons learned, and measures taken to make Florida’s schools safer after the Parkland massacre.


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