Conference Date
Texas: Irving, TX | June 25-26 | East: Herndon, VA | July 19-20
West: Pasadena, CA | July 31-August 1

Situational Awareness and the OODA Loop; the Foundation to Any Effective Response to a Violent Intruder

Monday, July 31, 2017 | 2:30 PM - 3:30 PM

John Baker

Lancaster Lebanon IU13 School Police Department

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In this session participants will explore the foundation of any response to a hazard, but specifically a violent intruder/active shooter event. An OODA Loop is the decision cycle of observe, orient, decide and act. Without reasonable situational awareness and a clear understanding of how one's OODA Loop functions, there is little hope of a timely or effective response to an emergency. This session will discuss the international epidemic of virtual awareness vs. situational awareness and the need to change the tide.  In addition participants will explore the fascinating psychological concept of the OODA Loop and learn how acknowledging and training for a critical response can speed up their OODA Loop and significantly increase their chances of mitigating the loss of life and injury to themselves and others.

Learning Objective 1: Attendees will have a better understanding of how many have traded virtual awareness for situational awareness and the adverse effects that has on effective response to violence.

Learning Objective 2: Attendees will develop strategies to help those in their community increase their situational awareness and better respond when violence does occur.

Learning Objective 3: Attendees will develop a clear understanding of the OODA Loop and the importance it plays not only during crisis but also in our daily lives.