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The Westin | Long Beach, CA

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Active Shooter events are not random events.  Almost all are well planned and the perpetrators either intentionally leaked information about their intentions to others or exhibited signs they were on a pathway to violence.  After Columbine, the Secret Service Safe School Initiative recommend Threat Assessment Teams in schools to prevent attacks. 

Gary Sigrist will show how Threat Assessment Teams can prevent attacks, protect intended victims, and get help for those on the pathway to violence.

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Learn strategies to reduce risk and improve emergency response:

  • Experience full-day Training Workshops 
  • Attend Conference Sessions designed for K-12 or Higher Ed institutions covering the critical security challenges facing campsues nationwide
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  • Participate in small Hot Topic discussions led by top safety and security experts
  • Share advice and learn from peers from across the country
  • Receive a Campus Safety Certificate of Achievement Certificate outlining track and hours attended
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