Pre-Conferences take place on June 21 from 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm and are an optional add on for Conference Passes for an additional fee.

Pre-Conference A | Preventing School Shootings: How Behavioral Analysis and Assessment Can Prevent Tragedies

Dr. Peter Langman, Psychologist, Langman Psychological Associates, LLC

The first half of the training will present a bio-psycho-social analysis of school shooters. This will cover body-related issues and the concept of damaged masculinity, three psychological types of perpetrators (psychopathic, psychotic, and traumatized), and the many social failures and influences that contribute to their motivation for violence. This will be a case-based approach, presenting specific perpetrators to illustrate the concepts.

The second half will review threat assessment, leakage, and attack-related behavior as they relate to school shooters. Examples from actual school shootings will be utilized to demonstrate the range of warning signs that are often seen leading up to an attack. In addition, student writing samples will be presented to illustrate the difference between leakage among peers and the warning signs that often show up in students’ homework assignments.

Attendees Will:

  1. Be able to describe the three psychological types of school shooters.
  2. Know the three common domains of failures that shooters often experience.
  3. Understand the terms “threat assessment,” “attack-related behavior” and “leakage.”

*Pre-Conferences are an optional add on for Conference Pass ONLY

Pre-Conference B | Use-of-Force Simulator Scenarios: Reacting to Split-second Situations and Managing the Message

Julie Parker, President & CEO, Julie Parker Communication
Jason Johnson, President, Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund

Julie & Jason will demonstrate scenarios on a use-of-force simulator and give the opportunity to try a “shoot/don’t shoot” experience.  After attendees receive the fundamentals of police officer use of force, they will be put into groups and respond to video scenarios that could occur on or next to their campus (real-life calls for service, a traffic stop or suspicious person stop on campus, responding to domestic violence, active shooter, workplace violence in an administration building, etc.)

Attendees can experience first-hand some of the physiological reactions that officers have when put into stressful scenarios. After a debrief, the attendees will be charged with coming up with five key messages, talking points or tweets/posts for social media for their stakeholders (campus police chief, Chancellor, etc) about their particular scenario.

Beyond helping prepare your campus leaders for the always-challenging crisis messaging task, this workshop offers an excellent way to communicate to your community stakeholders about the challenges law enforcement faces in today’s lightning fast social media-driven world.

Attendees Will:

  1. Participate in challenging scenarios of law enforcement faces in the field.
  2. Develop a dramatically enhanced understanding of the challenges of crisis communications following critical incidents.
  3. Gain a new perspective on law enforcement actions as it relates to split-second, life and death decisions.
*Pre-Conferences are an optional add on for Conference Pass ONLY

” CSC is the conference to attend. If you are not there, you are missing out! “

  — Scott Leven, Director of Safety and Security, Ozarks Technical Community College