Interacting with Students with Autism: Tips and Strategies for Law Enforcement and Security Professionals

Sergeant Stefan Bjes, Founder and CEO, Blue Line Spectrum Safety

Numerous incidents of challenging/negative interactions between school resource officers (SROs) or school security personnel and children with special needs, have been well publicized. These negative interactions, among other incidents, have fueled proposed legislation to remove law enforcement from schools. In the era of crisis intervention, we need to take steps to ensure that SROs are appropriately trained so they have de-escalation techniques that foster positive encounters with students with special needs. School administrators and law enforcement agencies can work cohesively together to ensure positive outcomes for these interactions.

By adopting a proactive approach, schools and police departments can help keep this vulnerable population safe, have more positive interactions and help keep themselves and their respective departments and school districts safe from possible civil liability.

Sgt. Stefan Bjes wlll provide strategies to help recognize the characteristics associated with autism and understand strategies for achieving positive outcomes during their dealings with students with autism.

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About the Speaker

Stefan Bjes, Founder and CEO, Blue Line Spectrum Safety

Sergeant Stefan Bjes has served over 20 years with a suburban police department in Illinois. He is a state-certified instructor who focuses on teaching law enforcement how to interact with individuals with developmental/intellectual disabilities, specifically autism. He is an approved CIT instructor with the Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board. He is also the owner of Blue Line Spectrum Safety (, which specializes in First Responder training regarding autism and developmental disabilities. As the father of two sons with autism, Stefan has extensive experience, through his personal and professional life, in interacting with individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders. 

“I’ve been to many conferences in my 35 years in campus law enforcement. CSC has consistently offered and delivered quality and relevant content and outstanding presenters. “

  — Dr. Amanda Guthorn, AVP Public Safety, La Salle University