Pre-Conferences (Optional Add On)

June 17, 2019 | 1:00pm - 5:00pm

Are you looking for an additional opportunity to learn more?! Add a Pre-Conference to your conference package for an exclusive opportunity to focus on a specific topic in a casual setting. PLUS you'll have the opportunity to connect and network with attendees before the conference even starts! Please note the pre-conferences are available for an additional fee. 

Pre-Conference A: Working TOGETHER to Improve Preparedness, Response, and Recovery

K-12 and Higher Ed


Attendees Will Be Able To:

  1. TBD
  2. TBD
  3. TBD

Speaker: TBD

Pre-Conference B: How to Evaluate Competing Technologies

Higher Ed and K-12

You are head of campus security and you are sitting in a meeting with the heads of IT and Facilities, the school’s Vice President of Finance and Administration, and the College President or School Principal and Superintendent. The purpose of your meeting is to consider the purchase of equipment to upgrade safety and security. There are three options on the table: a new video surveillance system, an access control system, and panic alarms/buttons for all classrooms and offices. Unfortunately, your budget is not sufficiently robust to select all three, so you need to evaluate what to buy. Complicating the problem is that police and security want the camera system, Facilities is supporting the electronic key system, and IT advocates the panic alarms. Each attendee can make a convincing argument in support of his or her desired option. So, what are some of the security goals of any school? Seven are listed, in no particular order, recognizing there may be more and further, that their priorities may change over time with dynamic trends, policies, and experiences:

  • Create and maintain a safe environment
  • Enhance the school’s reputation for safety
  • Avoid liability
  • Be prepared to respond to and recover from crises
  • Enhance situational awareness on campus to deter threatening activities
  • Enhance the campus community members’ perception of safety
  • Deter/respond to concerning behaviors

This workshop will provide a systemic approach for evaluating technology so your campus picks the right technologies that upgrade performance.

Attendees Will Be Able To:

  1. Evaluate goals and how technologies differ by crisis phases (prevention, response, mitigation and recovery).
  2. Show how people in different positions have different priorities and perspectives on evaluation in different phases of the crisis.  For instance, during the recovery phase, the PIO is worried about branding; legal is worried about liability, financial officials are worried about the cost of resuming operations, emergency management is worried about clean-up, etc.
  3. Explore how various technologies fit into the evaluation matrix, understanding that technologies can make different contributions to each phase.


John Weinstein
Lieutenant/Commander, Strategic Planning and Outreach
Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA)

Pre-Conference C: Setting Priorities: Lessons Learned from Clery Act Program Reviews 

Higher Ed

Campus leaders spend a lot of time making decisions and with so many competing needs, it can be difficult to prioritize where to focus efforts and resources. Clery Act program reviews can be a key source of information on both common challenges in regards to Clery Act compliance and, more importantly, possible solutions.                                         

Participants should bring their institution’s annual security reports to the session for campus-specific conversation and self-assessment.

Attendees Will Be Able To:

  1. Understand the trends in the Department of Education Clery Act findings.
  2. Identify practical departmental or Clery committee tasks for proactively addressing compliance challenges.
  3. Establish a comprehensive annual plan for Clery compliance. 


Abigail Boyer
Interim Executive Director
Clery Center


The Conference was very informative and had practical roundtable sessions. I recommend this conference to any Head of Security. Its a great way to network with fellow professionals.