Texas Speakers

Deborah Grace

School Psychologist/Mental Health

Deborah began her career in 1989 working as needed at Mental Health facilities, on call for milieu management and needs assessments at an emergency room for drug/alcohol abuse and suicidal ideation while receiving her Bachelor’s degree in Criminal justice and Psychology.  After graduating in 2006, she worked in group homes for youth placed by corrections and social services. In 1996 Debbie became a Victim’s Advocate for the Denver District Attorney assigned to District Court. During this time she volunteered to assist in debriefing and helping victims in Denver for the Oklahoma bombing trial, and later volunteered to do follow up with victims’ families affected by the Columbine shooting, referring them to appropriate resources. In 2009 graduated with her Ed.S. in School Psychology and is certified through the  National Association of School Psychologist, in her current career focusing on the Mental Health and Behavioral Needs of K -12 students in Colorado.

Suicide on Campus: A Case Study on Incident Response, Lockdown, Crime Scene Clean Up, Mental Health and More