Tennessee Bill Allowing Students to Have Guns in Cars on Campus Dies

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Tennessee college students will not be allowed to keep guns in their cars on campuses after a bill was killed Wednesday.

A Tennessee bill that would have allowed students to keep guns in their cars on public college campuses died in a House subcommittee Wednesday.

The bill, also known as House Bill 481 and Senate Bill 70, originally altered an existing law to allow students with handgun-carry permits to have firearms in their vehicle on school property.

Then the bill’s Senate sponsor, republican Brian Kelsey, amended it to prohibit any public college from punishing a student or employee complying with the handgun-carry permit in a school parking area.

The House Civil Justice Subcommittee killed the bill by voice vote, according to knoxnews.com. Some representatives said they supported the original bill but not the one including the Senate amendment.

University of Tennessee President Joe DiPietro was against the bill, as was the university’s student government association president.