Nat’l Forum Preview: 5 Tips for Planning and Evaluating Emergency Exercises

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Here's how you can design the right emergency exercises for you campus and evaluate your institution's safety products.

The most effective ways a campus can determine if it is prepared for an emergency is for it to conduct an emergency drill, table top exercise or even a full-scale exercise. But how can school, university and hospital protection professionals design the right exercises for their communities? Also, how do you know that the various security solutions and communications products you've purchased will work during a disaster?

In this webinar, Gene Komondor, who is vice president of OneStar, describes how campuses can practice their emergency plans and then evaluate the results so they can make changes to their plans so they will be effective during a crisis.

Komondor who—with Safeguard Risk Solutions CEO and former school district REMS Project Director Gary Sigrist Jr.—will be presenting a two-part workshop at the Campus Safety National Forum on designing and evaluating campus emergency exercises. The pre-conference training will take place Wednesday, June 24 from 1-5 p.m.

Watch the webinar.