Multiple California Bills Proposed To Combat College Sexual Assault

Three sexual assault bills have been proposed in California by assembly member Das Williams.

California assembly member Das Williams has proposed a number of bills to curb sexual assault on college campuses after consulting with stakeholders, students and victim advocates.

Williams, a member of the Higher Education Committee, pushed a bill through the committee on April 17 that gives schools of higher education a notation to put on students’ academic transcripts to show suspensions or expulsions. The bill, Assembly Bill 968, is just one of three measures Williams has proposed after extensive discussions with the people involved with sexual assaults on college campuses throughout California, according to

The other bills proposed include a minimum punishment of a two-year suspension for students convicted of sexual assault and a clarification bill that would allow California community colleges to punish a student who threatens the safety of other students.  The second bill would also require students to tell schools if they were dismissed from a previous college for sexual assault.

Williams said he will continue to bring together a sexual assault coalition to address the issue of college sexual assaults further.