FratPAC to Lobby Against College Sexual Assault Investigations

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The Fraternity & Sorority Political Action Committee will be pushing lawmakers to force schools to wait until police investigations are complete before punishing students.

College fraternities and sororities are set to begin lobbying on Capitol Hill to delay university’s sexual assault investigations.

The Fraternity & Sorority Political Action Committee, which has raised roughly $2.1 million for congressional candidates, will be bringing students to Washington, D.C., at the end of April to talk to lawmakers about a range of topics, reports Bloomberg. The group will be arguing that law enforcement should settle cases before schools do, and will be trying to stop colleges from suspending all Greek life on campus because of problems with one house.

Currently, universities are required to investigate complaints of sexual assault, and schools often discipline students far quicker than law enforcement using different guidelines that make it easier to find someone responsible for a violation. Many people have filed lawsuits saying they were unfairly treated in university hearings.

Greek Life lobbyists say they want to make sure victims have appropriate support services and that accusers are fairly punished if law enforcement finds their stories to be false. 

Some rape victim activists have also argued against college investigations, saying schools don’t take sexual assault investigations seriously. Universities say their hearings are critical to keep potentially unsafe students off their campus.