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Campus Safety magazine announces Keynotes and Sponsors for Campus Safety East and West Conferences

Framingham, Mass.: Campus Safety magazine, the exclusive publication serving campus police chiefs, security directors, IT personnel, emergency managers and executive administrators involved in the public safety and security of hospitals, schools and universities in North America and producer the of impactful campus safety conferences, announces an exciting line-up for its annual Campus Safety East and West Conferences taking place in Philadelphia July 13-14 and Long Beach, Calif. July 31- Aug. 1.

These two-day intense conferences will engage participants with training to further hone their skills, improve their departments' incident and response programs, and upgrade their K-12 or higher education protection profiles.

The opening-keynotes on July 13 and July 31 are titled “Making a Difference in Campus Safety.” They are tributes to the five- and ten-year anniversaries of the mass shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School and Virginia Tech that shook the campus protection community and our nation as a whole to its core.
These keynotes will take a brief look back at those events from a victim’s and advocate/educator’s perspective to benchmark the progress made over the past decade in school and college safety attitudes, procedures and responses.  Presenters will share perspectives and trends to consider when addressing violence and safety moving forward on our nation's campuses. The keynotes will be delivered by nationally recognized speakers, Michele Gay, co-founder/executive director of Safe and Sound: A Sandy Hook Initiative; Lisa Hamp, school shooting survivor and speaker;  and Kristina Anderson, executive director of the Koshka Foundation.

Gay, Hamp and Anderson will be immediately followed by a panel of experts discussing the key elements to emergency preparedness. The K-12 and higher-ed law enforcement and security and threat assessment experts on this panel will provide expert insight on how campuses can prevent, respond to and mitigate active shooter threats, as well as address current and future threats to our nation’s schools and campuses.

Event Sponsor, Blackboard Transact™ Security Management, will be addressing the specific physical security needs of the educational community and how they affect security strategy planning and solutions. 

“With campus safety and security being a top priority for institutions, Blackboard Transact is excited to partner with Campus Safety to have a great forum that covers the latest innovations in security technology,” says states Allison Duquette, Blackboard Transact’s vice president of global sales.” This will be an excellent opportunity to see and talk with so many who are on the forefront of campus safety, each and every day on their individual campuses.”

In addition to the main conference, Campus Safety will again host workshops on the second day of each event that will address how to properly complete Clery Annual Security Reports, crisis communications, threat assessments and active shooter response strategies.

For further details regarding media participation at the Campus Safety Conferences, please contact Ongoing announcements regarding the event will also be posted online and tweeted via @CSCEventTweets #CSC17 on Twitter.


About Campus Safety

Campus Safety (CS) magazine and exclusively serve campus police chiefs, security directors, IT personnel, emergency managers and executive administrators involved in the public safety and security of major hospitals, schools and universities in the United States. CS is a product of Framingham, Mass.-based publishing company EH Media. The print version is issued nine times per year and is distributed to more than 18,000 campus safety and security professionals nationwide. Online, attracts more than 35,000 unique visitors each month, and is growing rapidly to serve the needs of the expanding campus safety market.

The Campus Safety Conferences are two-day intense conferences for administrators and public safety officials, security and law enforcement executives from all over the country looking for solutions to campus safety, security, emergency management and technology challenges.





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