25 Benefits of Attending the National Forum Expo Hall - FREE for a Limited Time!

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The National Forum Exhibit Hall will feature the newest solutions to security challenges facing your campus today.

Attendees will meet with over 90 companies showcasing their latest products, services and technologies. Valuable hands-on demonstrations and cutting edge exhibits will expand your knowledge on how to better protect your campus. Click here to view the floorplan.

The Expo Pass is FREE for a limited time only. Attend the National Forum Expo Hall, and you'll walk away with a better understanding of the following essential tactics and strategies:

  1. Expedite response time of emergency response personnel
  2. Effective lock down procedures and products
  3. Make ordinary window glass impact resistant 
  4. Improve visitor screening 
  5. Identify sexual predators 
  6. Stay current on real-time crime & incident data 
  7. Help victims with silent & mobile panic buttons 
  8. Using mass notification tools like beacons, digital signage, public address systems
  9. Maximize entry/exit door security 
  10. Utilize I.P. cameras & security solutions 
  11. Implement National Accreditation Level public safety 
  12. Improve safety of public parking 
  13. Control entry points and stop piggy-backing and tailgating entries
  14. Understand non-lethal defense options
  15. Manage audio/video data effectively
  16. Find user guides & course materials for training
  17. Smartphone technologies for assault notification 
  18. Find expertise in design, support and engineering of security solutions 
  19. Learn to integrate facilities, maintenance and  IT departments 
  20. Understand shooter detection systems 
  21. Improve risk management & assessment 
  22. Know how to use wearable video cameras 
  23. Manage your communications over IP networks 
  24. Create safer learning environments 
  25. Improve surveillance storage management


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