Conference Date
Texas: Irving, TX | June 25-26 | East: Herndon, VA | July 19-20
West: Pasadena, CA | July 31-August 1

Leading Through Communication: When "IT" Hits the Fan

Tuesday, August 1, 2017 | 1:30 PM - 4:30 PM

Rick J. Kaufman, APR

Exec. Director/Community Relations & Emergency Management
Bloomington Public Schools (ISD 271)

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School safety is a top of mind concern for parents, staff and educational leaders. With few exceptions, our schools and communities are faced with the dilemma of protecting the integrity of the learning environment. These school safety concerns are not new. The challenges are real. In this session, participants will explore a range of communication strategies and tools, and apply them to real-life scenarios in table-top group interactions. The session will be facilitated by one of the foremost authorities on crisis communication and the principal author of the all new fourth edition of The Complete Crisis Communication Management Manual for Schools (NSPRA, 2016).

Learning Objective 1: Attendees will explore a range of communication strategies and tools.

Learning Objective 2: Attendees will learn the importance of social media in a crisis, including keys to successful implementation.

Learning Objective 3: Attendees will learn why communication is the foundation of any crisis planning, implementation, management and recovery effort.