Conference Date
Texas: Irving, TX | June 25-26 | East: Herndon, VA | July 19-20
West: Pasadena, CA | July 31-August 1

East Speakers

Michelle Nutter

Safe and Supportive Schools Manager

PA Center for Safe Schools

Michelle Gwinn Nutter, a Pennsylvania-certified teacher, is the Safe and Supportive Schools Manager for the Center for Safe Schools. Prior to joining the Safe Schools Team in 2005, she was a Civil Rights Investigator with the Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General. During her 10 years with that office, she worked extensively with schools, communities and law enforcement departments to raise awareness and provide effective interventions related to organized hate groups and hate crimes, school-based harassment, bullying prevention, racial tension, prejudice reduction, diversity, gangs, terrorism awareness, and First Amendment issues.
As the Center's Safe and Supportive Schools Manager, Ms. Nutter is responsible for the design and delivery of multiple statewide initiatives aimed at improving school safety and reducing youth violence. She continues to provide training and technical assistance to rural, suburban and urban schools and communities throughout the state on a wide array of issues that disrupt the educational process. Ms. Nutter is a nationally recognized speaker and frequently serves as a facilitator for the Student Problem Identification and Resolution of Issues Together (SPIRIT) Program which is coordinated by the Department of Justice's Community Relations Service, in collaboration with multiple federal, state and local agencies and community partners.
In addition to her other duties with the Center for Safe Schools, Ms. Nutter is the Pennsylvania and West Virginia Coordinator for the Region I Equity Center, one of four regional equity assistance center funded by the United States Department of Education, Office for Civil Rights.

Ms. Nutter is a certified Olweus Bullying Prevention Program trainer and provides bullying prevention training and consultation services to Pennsylvania schools and communities. Ms. Nutter is also a certified Partners Against Hate trainer and assists schools in the prevention of and effective response to bias-related tension incidents. Ms. Nutter is a certified Non-violent Crisis Intervention trainer, certified to train others in de-escalation techniques and the use of non-violent physical restraints.  Ms. Nutter is a certified Lifelines Prevention, Intervention and Postvention trainer, providing training and technical assistance to help school develop effective suicide prevention policies.  Additionally, Ms. Nutter is a certified Terrorism Awareness and Prevention trainer.

Ms. Nutter received her Bachelor of Arts Degree in English Education from Messiah College and a Master of Science in Education Law from Nova Southeastern University.  She holds over fifty FEMA certificates relative to emergency preparedness and disaster response. She also holds a Psychological First Aid certificate from the American Red Cross. She is a graduate of the National Institute Against Hate Crimes and Terrorism, a collaborative training effort between the US Department of Justice and the Simon Wiesenthal Museum of Tolerance. She also graduated from the Anti-Defamation League's Advanced Training School course on Extremist and Terrorist Threats. Ms. Nutter is a 2010 graduate of the Federal Bureau of Investigation's Citizen's Academy. Ms. Nutter participated in the 2016 White House Bullying Prevention Summit and the 2016 Federal Bullying Prevention Summit.

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