Conference Date
Texas: Irving, TX | June 25-26 | East: Herndon, VA | July 19-20
West: Pasadena, CA | July 31-August 1

East Speakers

Joseph Metzinger

Special Agent

FBI Philadelphia Division

Special Agent Joseph F. Metzinger was appointed to the Federal Bureau of Investigation in 1996. 

He is currently assigned to FBI Philadelphia’s Domestic Terrorism Squad on the Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF).  Prior to this assignment Agent Metzinger was assigned to the FBI’s New York City Field Office until 2005 as part of the FBI/NYPD JTTF. 

Agent Metzinger is a career Domestic Terrorism Agent with collateral duties that include being the FBI Philadelphia Active Shooter Program Coordinator, Campus Liaison Agent, and Maritime Liaison Agent.  As part of the JTTF, Agent Metzinger has worked matters related to Infrastructure Protection, Domestic Terrorism/Threat Mitigation, Weapons of Mass Destruction, Bomb Threats, and Intelligence Collection.  He has worked all of these matters collaboratively with local, state, and federal partners.

Agent Metzinger is a native of Philadelphia, attended undergraduate school at LaSalle University, and has a Master’s of Science Degree in Homeland Security from Saint Joseph’s University. 

He is a member of the FBI’s Adjunct Faculty Program and a Counterterrorism Instructor specializing in Domestic Terrorism. He is also an Adjunct Faculty member in the Public Safety and Criminal Justice Institute Graduate Program at Saint Joseph’s University in Philadelphia and has developed the two Law Enforcement Intelligence courses for Saint Joseph’s On-Line Graduate Program.

EW3: Threat Assessments and Active Shooter Response Strategies