Conference Date
Texas: Irving, TX | June 25-26 | East: Herndon, VA | July 19-20
West: Pasadena, CA | July 31-August 1

East Speakers

James Marcella

Director, Technical Services

Axis Communications

James Marcella is the director of technical services for Axis Communications.  In this role he oversees technical support, industry associations for North American operations, and is responsible for business development of the K-12 and higher education market segment.

Mr. Marcella joined Axis in 1996 as a business development manager for the company’s North American Application Developer Partner program. . He was responsible for finding best-of-breed software developers to create applications specifically for Axis’ network video products. He was instrumental in the development of the Axis Academy educational program and managed the educational services department until 2013.  

Mr. Marcella has represented Axis at a number of high-profile events, including ISC West, ASIS and Campus Safety Conferences. He often contributes and is quoted in security and IT industry publications, including SDM, SD&I and Campus Safety.

Mr. Marcella is a Vice Chair of the ASIS Physical Security Council and serves as the Chair of the Education Committee for the Security Industry Association. Currently he is also an adjunct professor at Mercer Community College teaching a course on physical security technology for a program developed by the Security Industry Association.  

Mr. Marcella is a board-certified Physical Security Professional (PSP).

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