Campus Safety and IACLEA Executive Forum Series

Wednesday, July 12
2:30 PM - 5:00 PM

Hosted by:


Robin Hattersley
Campus Safety 
Randy Burba
Immediate Past President
Dave Bousquet
Jonathan Kassa
Director, Higher Ed 
Allied Universal


In a confidential setting, higher education campus public safety chiefs, security directors, emergency managers, student affairs administrators and deans will dialogue about the challenges they are experiencing with these issues as well as some of the practices that have worked for them in addressing these problems.

At the end of this session, attendees will also have the opportunity to bring up and discuss other topics of interest. A summary of what was covered, along with helpful links, will be emailed to attendees after the conference so they can apply the best practices discussed in the session.

Topics to be covered include:

Civil unrest/mass disturbances

  • Sworn and nonsworn, armed and unarmed officer duties when civil unrest occurs
  • What situations are being encountered? Who is involved?
  • What are the responses being adopted by institutions of higher education that are effective?
  • Speech protected by First Amendment vs. hate speech
  • How to involve the dean and other top administrators in preparing for and responding to demonstrations and controversial speakers
  • Social media use and policies


  • International students and terrorism
    -Recruitment by terrorist organizations
    -Protecting international students from recruiters
    -Protecting international students from sexual assault and other crimes
    -Information sharing on potential threats
    -Public safety partnerships with student affairs
  • Engaging underrepresented campus populations
  • Implicit bias/fair and impartial policing
  • Community oriented campus policing/public safety
  • Hate crimes

Off-campus policing strategies & tactics

  • Buffer zones
  • Town-grown relationships
    -Alcohol enforcement
  • Partnerships with local PD
  • Community partnerships

Officer recruitment & training

  • Creating standardized training for sworn and nonsworn officers
  • Recruiting qualified officers
    -How to attract better, more qualified officers
    -Wage and labor pool analysis
  • Officer retention issues
    -How to keep good officers – campus public safety/law enforcement career paths
    -The cost of attrition, low pay and poor training (litigation, higher crime, low department morale, poor customer service, etc.)

Resource acquisition & management

  • How safety and security affects student enrollment, campus/brand reputation and the bottom line
  • Examples of how a department can prove its value (ROI) and the value of its:
    -Security technology
  • Accreditation – IACLEA, CALEA, etc.

New chief and security director issues

  • What do administrators want me to do? What are their expectations and priorities?
  • What is my and my department’s authority?
  • Is the institution’s culture a good fit for me?

Threat management

  • Managing long-term threats
  • Timely warnings
  • How threat management can affect perceptions
  • Examples of successes and failures in managing ongoing threats
  • New approaches

Mental health

  • Trends seen on and off campus: students, faculty and staff
  • Public safety partnerships with on- and off-campus counselling centers
  • Partnering with faculty to provide training and guidance to officers
  • Off-site community partnerships to help with homeless issues

Drug & alcohol enforcement

  • Opioid epidemic
  • Legalization of marijuana
  • Alcohol use and abuse

Bring your topics and questions for discussion!

Who Should Attend:

  • Campus Public Safety Chiefs
  • Public Safety/Security Directors
  • Student Affairs
  • Deans


The cost for this exclusive session is FREE, thanks to the generous support of our sponsor.*Must be a registered Campus Safety Conference Attendee.

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Limited Seats Available

This session is limited to 50 Campus Law Enforcement Executives (Chiefs, Directors and Seconds-in-Command) and Student Affairs leaders (Vice Presidents, Deans, Associate VP’s and Deans). Sign up to attend TODAY, it WILL sell out!

IACLEA President’s Welcome and Reception

Wednesday, July 12
5:00-600 PM

*Must be a registered Campus Safety Conference attendee.


The Campus Safety Conference was one of the best conferences I have attended in a long time. The presenters were knowledgeable and I was able to learn something new in every session I attended.