Conference Date

Texas: Irving: TX | June 12-13
| East: Philadelphia, PA | July 13-14
West: Long Beach, CA | July 31-Aug 1

Annual Security Report Workshop

Friday, July 14, 2017 | 10:00 AM - 4:30 PM

Alison Kiss

Executive Director
Clery Center

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Abigail Boyer

Associate Executive Director of Programs
Clery Center

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Under the Clery Act, colleges and universities must distribute an annual security report to current students and employees by October 1st of each year. Join the Clery Center for a workshop on the annual security report to  review the required content of the annual security report as well as when, how, and to whom the annual security report should be distributed. The content will incorporate 2016 Department of Education guidance within the updated Handbook for Campus Safety and Security Reporting.

Throughout the workshop, participants will analyze their existing content with the guidance of an instructor and feedback from other participants in order to determine compliance and identify changes to the report upon return to campus. Participants will leave the session with a concrete action plan for making any necessary updates to their annual security reports.

Participants should bring:

  • Most recent copy of their institution’s ASR
  • Relevant campus policies they may want to reference

Learning Objective 1: Communicate the elements of the annual security report

Learning Objective 2: Review elements of Clery Act compliance and connect them back to ASR policy statements

Learning Objective 3: Assess individual campus annual security report

Learning Objective 4: Learn and receive tools for collaboration with multiple departments to create the ASR

Learning Objective 5: Understand the modes of distribution of the ASR